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self love club

The SELF LOVE CLUB would like to encourage you to take time for yourself,
To get to know yourself better. To create a space in which you can connect with yourself, your emotions and be good to yourself. No matter how stormy the times may be - take the time and space as often as possible to stay in touch with yourself, to be there for yourself. You are worth coming first. ♥

At irregular intervals, we hold inspiring workshops in collaboration with various great ambassadors from the areas of relaxation, nutrition, exercise, etc. What the workshops are about: everything that is good for our soul, mind and body.

The SELF LOVE CLUB meets for the fourth time:
will be announced very soon :)

will be announced very soon :)

Workshop topic:
will be announced very soon :)

Event day & time:
will be announced very soon :)

will be announced very soon :)

Many thanks to our dear sponsors,
who are preparing something nice for you:
FLOW Magazine

And of course there is also a
Surprise from NAVUCKO. :)

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Have a good time ♥