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hibi - Japanese aromatic incense sticks, Geranium variety

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Natural aroma for 10 minutes, every day. A small, gentle break in everyday life, like a reminder to look up at the sky or flowers blowing in the wind.

Light the incense stick like a match and surround yourself with the most beautiful, natural scent.
hibi is an incense stick that can be easily lit without any tools.

Contents per variety/package: 8 incense sticks, including non-flammable base
Pack size: H57 x W56 x D9mm
Handmade in Japan.


1. Open the packaging by pulling on both sides of the perforated film.

2. Take out a hibi stick (hold it in the middle to avoid breaking it), press the ignition head at a 45 degree angle against the brown grating surface on the side of the box and rub it from top to bottom.

3. Once the hibi is lit, hold it in a slightly tilted position with the head down. Wait until the flame spreads to the incense stick and the flame extinguishes itself. If you hastily extinguish the flame before it settles, the fire will not be able to spread to the incense stick. The smell of the match may also affect the initial fragrance of the incense stick because the ignition material in the match head is not completely burnt out. (However, after a while, the smell of the incense stick will return to normal.)

4. Place the incense stick on the non-flammable base and enjoy the scent for about 10 minutes. You can safely place the base on a table as it is equipped with heat insulation. If you want, you can also place it on the pull-out lid of the hibi box. Stay nearby while the hibi is burning and only burn one incense stick at a time to avoid overheating the base.

5. After using the incense stick, take the non-combustible base and throw away all the remaining ash. When using the next hibi stick, it may cause a smell mix if any ash remains on the base.

Video tutorial:

001 - Lemongrass:
A sweet and sour scent like a lemon and a freshness reminiscent of a green meadow. For those moments when you need something invigorating and refreshing.

002 - Lavender: The elegant, floral scent of lavender. When you want to relax, or for those moments just before bedtime.

003 - Geranium: An aroma that combines the lovely sweetness of the rose with a green scent. For those moments when the soul needs balance.

004 - Ylang Ylang: A slightly exotic fragrance with an intense sensual sweetness. For those moments when you want to relax and experience a deep feeling of satisfaction.

005 - Tea Tree: The spicy scent of the tea tree, with a cool freshness. For those moments when you want to cheer up a heavy mood and relax.

006 - Citronella: The fresh aroma with a green citrus scent, also known for its insect repellent effect. Ideal for revitalizing the air in your rooms and refreshing your mind and soul.

007 - Yuzu: An invigorating citrus aroma that fills the winter sky with a refreshing scent. Ideal for warming and relaxing the mind and body.

Japanese Cypress: A scent of cypress trees that envelops your senses with a nostalgic calm. Ideal for calming a troubled soul and clearing your mind again.

A fragrance that will transport you to another world with the mysterious sweetness of sandalwood. Perfect for turning inward and releasing tension.

Cinnamon: A gentle and pleasant scent with the spicy sweetness of cinnamon. Ideal for banishing a depressed mood and regaining a positive state of mind.

Cedar Wood: The scent of Cedar Wood awakens your inner strength. It is characterized by a cool woody scent that is reminiscent of the fresh air of a cedar forest. Cedar Wood by hibi is part of the Deep Collection by hibi - a collection of more masculine incense scents that are a little deeper, more dramatic and more authentic.

Instructions for use
- Please read and follow the instructions carefully before use.
- Be careful with the fire and stay close while the hibi is burning.
- Only place the incense stick on the non-flammable base after you have made sure that the flame has already gone out and the embers have spread to the incense stick.
- After use, dispose of any remaining ash on the base, otherwise fragrances may mix when using a hibi with a different fragrance.
- hibi is not edible, keep it out of the reach of babies and children. Do not use hibi for any purpose other than that specified in the instructions for use.
- Do not store it in hot and humid places to avoid deterioration of quality.


Awaji Island incense and Harima matches: these two traditional industries from Hyogo Prefecture met for the first time in 2011. The collaboration began with the idea of ​​an incense stick that could be lit like a matchstick, and three years followed until an aromatic product was developed that combined the properties of fragrance and stability, and that does not break when lit. The aromas were carefully selected.

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